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  • Get into the Highlands and enjoy some real Highland spring with a journey down some white water.

  • Invite all your friends, dress up and get out! Team Ireland in Edinburgh about the Club Class Bus bar tour. Maximum number 58, 3 bars and nightclub entry: no rain, no snow, no stiletto sores and tons of fun!

  • The absolutely classic day of adventure and also an adrenalin rush. A sure fire hit even if you end up with bruises all over. Available all over Scotland.

  • Twenty different dance styles available in all the major cities. Start the evening with a class and then finish in a nightclub showing off your new moves. Ideal for the mother-in-law

  • Mountain high, river deep: enjoy the hidden Highlands with a canyoning day dropping down waterfalls and scrambling up streams. Wet, fun and exhilarating!

  • Learn the ever useful art of cocktail making from one of our cocktails masters. Make your own, drink your own and start the evening the way you mean to carry on.

  • The ultimate way to get around on one of our Boogie Buses: carries sixteen in luxury to a party, to bars or to some activity. We can even pick you up from the airport.

  • Q Jump entry into nightclubs. Don't finish the evening wandering around trying to get your group into a club because you have made no arrangements

Zip Wire in Scotland

Aviemore Zip Wire and Abseil

£ 24.99
Enjoy this combination of treats with zip wire where you will be flying 100 yards in the air. To stop do a short free abseil to the landing platform below!

Zip Wire and Tree Climb - Perth

£ 29.99
An excellent adrenaline rush, check out who amongst you will be able to climb the tree the quickest and then fly down the zip wire!

Zip wire is probably the best way to enjoy the scenery of the Scottish hinterlands, which makes it a popular activity in stag and hen party lists! One of the highly rated extreme activities, zip wire  involves dropping yourselves down the zip wire from the cliff top. Zip wire is not for everyone as it is all about endurance and adventure. However, there are many types of difficulty levels and variations to match your needs.

The basic zip wire experience is the high speed traverse where you will be harnessed to a wire over a valley.  You can also combine it with other land or water based activities to make an interesting multi activity day. You will be provided with all safety gadgets and our trained instructors offer a safety briefing to make even the greenhorns confident. To know more about zip wire in Scotland, just give us a shout at gobananas and we can make your stag and hen weekend something special.