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Tours Visiting Whisky Distilleries

Any coach tour round Scotland that incorporates a Whisky Distillery tour has to be the holy grail for any visitor never mind whisky afficiniado. What could be finer than enjoying a wee dram within the confines of the distillery itself?
For visitors to Scotland, distilleries have an architecture and beauty all of their own - whitewashed stonework, gleaming copper stills and the iconic Pagoda style roofs on some of the distilleries. Here is an opportunity to learn all about the process, the people and the product. Some distilleries even present an opportunity to sample whiskies that are not generally available making these tours quite unique.

This is our selection of day tours and extended tours that include a visit to a whisky distillery in Scotland. we also have some specialist tours that visit several whisky distilleries. Please bear in mind these are only for people aged 18+.

Note: the term  "Whisky" is used in Scotland, whereas "Whiskey" is used to describe an Irish or American inferior ( as far as Scotland is concerned ) imitation!