Chapter I Alexander the Third-1149-1292

Accession of Alexander III
The King's Marriage
Jealousy of English Influence
Change of Councillors
Visit of Alexander and his Queen to England
The English faction put down by the Comyns
Unhappy State of the Country
Second visit of Alexander and his Queen to the English Court
Birth of Princess Margaret at Windsor
Jealousies between Alexander and Haco King of Norway
Haco invades Scotland
Details of the Norwegian expedition
Distress of the Norwegian fleet
Battle of Largs
Defeat of the Norwegians
Death of King Haco in Orkney
Birth of a Scottish Prince
Submission of Man and the Western Isles, and settlement of the quarrel with Norway
Demands of Fieschi the Papal Legate on the Scottish Clergy
Their spirited resistance
Marriage of Robert de Bruce, father of KIng Robert Bruce, to Marjory countess of Carrick
Death of Henry III of England
Accession of Edward 1
Alexander III and his Queen attend the coronation of Edward
Alexander deputes the Earl of Carrick to perform homage to Edward in his name for the lands which he holds of him
Marriage of Princess Margaret of Scotland to Eric king of Norway
Marriage of the Prince Royal of Scotland
Death of the Prince Royal and his sister Margaret Queen of Norway
Settlement of the succession and Second marriage of Alexander 3
Death of Alexander III
Reflections on his Reign
Accession of Margaret, the grand daughter of Alexander III., and appointment of a Regency
Precarious state of the Kingdom
Projects of Edward
Convention of Bruce the Competitor, and his friends at Turnberry
Eric King of Norway sends Plenipotentiaries to treat with Edward
Conferences at Salisbury
Meeting of the Scottish Estates at Brigham
Articles of the Treaty of Brigham
Edward's demand for the delivery of the Scottish Castles
It is refused
Death of the Maiden of Norway
Troubled State of the kingdom
Edward's Measures
Conference at Norham
Edward's claim as Lord Paramount
The competitors for the Crown assemble at Norham
Recognise Edward as Superior
Proceedings at Norham
Edward's progress through Scotland
He meets the Competitors at Berwick
Arguments of Bruce-and Baliol
Edward decides in favour of Baliol
Baliol's Coronation
He swears homage to Edward