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If you need help, advice or want to place a tour booking, speak to our resident expert, Sholto (read about Sholto) who should be able to get you squared away!

About Sholto

sholto250Sholto is our tour expert and has information on something like 30 different tours around Scotland. If you don't want to browse around the site, try giving him a call for some advice.

(BTW: Sholto is ancient Scottish/Gaelic name that means the "sower of seeds" or propagator - people often ask)
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Tour Schedules

Make a quick assessment of which tours you can make and from where with our tables of tours across Scotland

Schedule of Winter Tours in Scotland

This is a schedule of tours around Scotland during the winter months. Most are one day coach or minicoach tours, but we also have several multi-day tours and some self-drive tours. This page is intended to help you choose the most appropriate tour for you by departure location, the day it runs, and price.

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