The Fairy Glen or Glen Conon is a bizarre landscape of conical hills that make a for a great walk and if the weather is right, for a grand spot for a picnic.

The Fairy Glen was formed by the land being disrupted by a series of landslides (on a smaller scale than the huge landslips that formed the Storr and the Quiraing), with the results then smoothed by subsequent glaciation. The area covered is quite small and the road is always close by, so the exact route followed around the glen doesn't really matter. The route as described visits the most interesting features.

Travel Directions:
Take the side road which leaves the A87 near the Uig Hotel - signposts for Sheader and Balnaknock. After a few houses the Fairy Glen comes into view ahead as you descend. Take the track on the left - there is room to park on the grass on the right hand side (take care not to block the track).

Isle of Skye
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Print Tuesday, 03 April 2012