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Carnoustie Championship Course, Angus, Scotland

Carnoustie is iconic links golfing and is considered by golfing afficionados to be one of the most challenging links courses in the world.

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Carnoustie Championship Course

This is a course for those of you who are not scared of a real challenge! Carnoustie or Carnasty as some people have called it over the years is a long, tough and take no prisoners type of golf course. If you want a course that is really going to test your skill then this is it!

What Makes Carnoustie Championship Course Such A Great Place?

This is a long golf course actually let me rephrase that it is a very looooong course! This is a course that has, tired out some real fit golfers over the years, especially if the Scottish wind is blowing in full force, which more often than not it is! But it is the challenge of playing here which makes it such a popular course for serious golfers who want to see if they have what it takes to tame Carnasty!

The funny thing about playing here is that when you first step out onto the tee. You scratch your head and wonder what all the fuss is about? There are no trees to get in the way, actually the course looks quite plain so why all the fuss? Well to start with the fairways are very deceiving and will see more than a few “perfect” shots end up in the rough which requires some serious strength to get out of there! Bunkers are crazy here and are some of the deepest and hardest to get out of I have ever come across.

And the hardest thing about playing a round here is the wind! Because of how close to River Tay it is there is always a fierce wind here. And I am not kidding when I say fierce this is already a fairly long course, but the wind is so strong that even you golfers with a mean drive will find your shots falling far short of where you intended…… or blowing of course totally. Heck the wind even effects your putting here at Carnoustie Championship Course.  And there is the general wear and tear the wind has on your body! It is very tiring walking around when the wind is blowing against you! I know I am making it sound like a nightmare, but all these challenges add up to make a round here more “unpredictable” and a round where you really must play smart and keep a cool head.

This may be a tough, brutal and some even say unfair course. But there is no denying that once your round is done and you are in the bar with a pint after, you feel like you have really accomplished something by taking on this course and of course you can brag to friends and other golfers that you have played at a British Open Championship course!

Best Hole At Carnoustie Championship Course

Hole 12

I would say that hole 12 which is a par 5 is a hole where a par 5 is not only very a doable par 5, but if you are feeling brave you can actually go for a birdie here….. if you are feeling brave of course. A really good drive here is the key for getting par (or better) you have a nice good view of the green all the way from the tee (479 yards) which may intimidate some, but for you big hitters, even if the wind is being naughty! This is your chance to cut lose and go for it. Yes there are ditches to the left and right and to the right of the fairway there are a also couple of nasty bunkers. But if you really take your time and get your drive right the rush you get when the ball lands is incredible. At the same time if you do not want to take the chance of a long drive with some smart approach play you can easily make the par 5.

A Few Things You Need To Know About, Carnoustie Championship Course

Keep A Cool Head

Now this is a course that should be fun, but by getting all frustrated an angry you can easily get a 7-9 (maybe even worse) on some holes here! Just relax and trust me you will not only have a great time, but you will also have a much better chance of getting a respectable score.

Always Check The Weather

A round here on the sunniest (well what is classed as a sunny day here) is a tough round. But if it is raining and the weather is just horrible then arrange to play another day. The lack of trees mean that you will be hammered by the rain and wind!

Trolley & Caddies

Both trolleys and caddies are on offer here. The fees for the trolleys are some of the cheapest that I have come across and with how rough the weather can be I highly recommend you take advantage of it. They also offer a caddie service which is great if you are a little unsure how to tackle this big championship course!

Making The Most Of Your Day In Carnoustie

Eating & Drinking

The Aboukir is a very nice and laid back type of place to come enjoy a nice and filling meal (at a good price I might  add) and a bar that is very well stocked. After a hard day of golf at the Carnoustie Championship Course an hour or two here is a great way to unwind and recharge the batteries.

Something Else To Do Near Carnoustie

Just under two miles away from Carnoustie is the Barry Mill. Which is a fantastic traditional grain mill that has a huge water wheel and a great old, Scottish vibe to the place. If you want to do a little bit of sightseeing while you are here then this is a fun little attraction to come and see.

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