Baliol confined by the Scots and a Regency appointed

Bruce either trusted to the promises, or was intimidated by the power of Edward. Besides this, Comyn earl of Buchan, who now mainly directed the Scottish councils, was his enemy, and held violent possession of his lordship of Annandale. To join with him was impossible; and accordingly this powerful baron and his son, afterwards king, with Dunbar earl of March, and Umfraville earl of Angus, repaired to Edward, and renewed to him their oaths of homage. The undecided character of Baliol was ill calculated to remove this disunion amongst the Scottish nobles; and the party who then ruled in the Scottish parliament, dreading a submission upon the part of their king, secluded him from all power, confined him in a mountain fortress, and placed the management of affairs in the hands of twelve of the leading nobles.

The measures adopted by these guardians were decided and spirited. They, in the name of the King of Scots, drew up an instrument, renouncing all fealty and allegiance to Edward, on account of the many and grievous injuries committed upon his rights and property as King of Scotland.