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Timeline of Scottish History

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He proceeds to Carlisle

After this strange and irreverent adjuration, he next addressed his son, and made him promise, that if he died before he took this journey, he should carry his body with the army into Scotland, and not commit it to the earth until he had obtained the victory over his enemies. The clergy and laity then agreed to contribute a thirtieth, and the merchants a tenth, towards defraying the expenses of the war. The prince and the barons promised faithfully to perform these commands of their sovereign; and having agreed to meet at Carlisle fifteen days after Midsummer, they returned home to make preparations for war. The Earl of Pembroke, with Clifford and Henry Percy, soon hastened into Scotland; and the Prince of Wales, with his knights companions, followed in the rear of their army; whilst Edward "himself, unable from violent fatigue, proceeded towards Carlisle by slow journeys. It was an ill commencement of the young prince's chivalry, that his excessive cruelty in ravaging the country, and sparing neither age nor sex, incurred the censure of his father the king, who was himself little wont to be scrupulous on these occasions!

Bruce was unfortunate in the early part of his career; and his military talents, which afterwards conducted him through a course of unexampled victory, were nursed amid scenes of incessant hardship and defeat. After having ravaged Galloway, he marched towards Perth, at that time a town walled and strongly fortified, where the Earl of Pembroke lay with a small army of soldiers. Bruce, on arriving at Perth, and finding the earl shut up within the walls, sent a challenge, requesting him, in the chivalrous style of the age, to come out and try his fortune in an open field. Pembroke answered that the day was too far spent, but that he would fight with him next morning; upon which the king retired, and encamped about a mile from Perth, in the wood of Methven.