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Timeline of Scottish History

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Unsuccessful negotiations for peace

Robert wisely seized this period of distress and national dejection, to make pacific overtures to Edward, and to assure him that, having secured the independence of his kingdom, there was nothing which he more anxiously desired, than a firm and lasting peace between the two nations. Negotiations soon after followed. Four Scottish ambassadors met with the commissioners of England, and various attempts were made for the establishment of a perpetual peace, or at least of a temporary truce between the rival countries; but these entirely failed, owing, probably, to the high tone assumed by the Scottish envoys; and the termination of this destructive war appeared still more distant than before.Towards the end of this year, the unfortunate John Baliol died in exile at his ancient patrimonial castle of Bailleul, in France, having lived to see the utter demolition of a power which had insulted and dethroned him. He had been suffered to retain a small property in England; and his eldest son appears to have been living in that country, and under the protection of Edward, at the time of his father's death.