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Romantic Scotland

Whether it be Flora MacDonald rowing the Bonnie Prince to safety or the red, red rose of Burns, there is something ineffably romantic about Scotland. Of course, for some people, a honeymoon can only be found on a hot sunny beach, but for those romantics out there who prefer a genuinely romantic landscape filled with history, passion and forgotten treasures: Scotland is for you!


The way you propose is a memory that'll last forever, so choosing the right place to go down on bended knee requires careful planning.

Although you can always pop the question at the spot where you first met or kissed, a romantic backdrop adds extra meaning and will make your proposal something your beloved will want to share with everyone. 

And what better place to take the plunge than Scotland, a country famed for its romantic castles and majestic scenery. There is, of course, a whole lot more to dear old Caledonia than mountains and misty glens. It is packed full of places guaranteed to lift the spirits and give any amorous ambitions a boost.

So if you're looking for inspiration and the perfect place to ask for a hand in marriage have a look at our list. They're guaranteed to create a marriage proposal that will blow your lover away.

Ben Nevis

If you really want that top of the world feeling as she/he says "yes!", then you could do worse than take a hike to the summit of Britain's highest peak. For hill walking fanatics there can surely be no better place than Ben Nevis, the closest point to heaven on these isles.

There are a number of different routes to the top which cater for climbers of different abilities but, whichever one you choose, the spectacular views from the top will be equally rewarding. And if you feel a little nervous about asking the big question, the giddy effects brought on by altitude should put paid to that when you reach your goal.

But please go prepared if you follow through with your plan: not for the perils of rejection, but for the often harsh conditions which can be experienced on Scotland's Munroes in late February. Sturdy boots, warm, waterproof clothes and a survival kit are essential for the wellbeing of the romantic rambler.

However if blizzard conditions look like prevailing on the day, don't let love blind you: just be sensible and pop the question somewhere else.

Sweetheart Abbey - near Dumfries

By its very existence, the appropriately named Sweetheart Abbey near Dumfries is a touching tribute to the enduring nature of love. It was built in the 13th century by Lady Devorgilla in memory of her beloved husband John Balliol.

When he died she was so distraught she carried his embalmed heart around in a silver and ivory casket. During her widowhood she used her immense wealth to build churches and abbeys in honour of her lost love. 

One of these was Dulce Cor or Sweetheart Abbey. Even in death Lady Devorgilla couldn't be parted from her one true love. She was buried along with her husband's heart in the High Altar at the Abbey.

The Wedding Ring  - Lochgoilhead, Argyll

There will be no mistaking your intentions if you bring your beloved here. White stones set into the ground in the shape of a heart mark out the Wedding Ring. It is here that the gypsies of Argyll are said to have once held their marriage ceremonies.

So if you want to win someone's heart this is the place to do it. Step inside the wedding ring and feel the atmosphere of age-old romances. If you're very quiet you may even hear the wedding vows of young lovers whispering down through the years. For further information check out: www.scottish.heartlands.org

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond has inspired poets and songwriters throughout the centuries and is famed around the world for its stunning natural beauty. If you are looking for a truly memorable place to pop the question, look no further than the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond.

Burns Cottage and Museum, Burns National Heritage Park 

Scotland's national bard was a renowned romantic penning love-tinged verses to his many admirers. So what could be more romantic than to go back to where it all began - back to the great poet's home. Get down on bended knee and recite 'O, my luve is like a red, red rose, That's newly sprung in June' ... Or better still, recite one of your own poems.

 Burns Cottage and museum is open from 9am and 6pm daily from April to October, from 10am to 4pm Monday to Saturday and 12 to 4pm on Sundays from November to March.


Romance is not normally associated with Glasgow, but Scotland's largest city is setting hearts a-flutter as it hosts the City of Love festival again. The Big Wheel of Love in George Square is a must for love-struck couples, and more than 70 events, including the 2003 Valentines Ball in aid of the British Heart Foundation, show that Glasgow is no mean city when it comes to romance. City of Love Festival, various venues. Fri 7-Mon 17 Feb. Times and prices vary.

Isle of Ewe 

What better spot to take your sweetheart to than overlooking an island whose very name sounds like "I love you"? Although this privately owned island in the north-west of Scotland has been turned over to farming, you can whisper the words during a scenic boat ride around the coastline.

Island of Iona

Cast a spell over your loved one in the splendid isolation of the island of Iona. Measuring just three miles long and one mile wide, the island encapsulates all the enchantment and mystique of the Hebrides. For the full-on spiritual effect why not propose in its oldest building, St Oran's Chapel, which dates from the 11th century. For further information check out: www.scottish.heartlands.org

Deep Sea Underworld

North Queensferry

At a price (£100 to be exact) you and your intended can take a swim with sharks. Admittedly, your proposal of undying love may sound a little gargled underwater but if your partner says "no" at least you won't be short of replacements for love bites. Details on 01383 411880.

Hot Air Ballooning

Sweep your partner of their feet (quite literally) with a breathtaking hot air balloon ride high above the beautiful Lothian countryside. Alba Ballooning offer balloon flights over Scotland's capital city of Edinburgh and the surrounding picturesque Lothian and northern Scottish Borders countryside or over the scenic region of Fife and Perthshire, starting near Kinross or Perth. Details on 0131 667 4251 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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