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Best Places To Drink Outdoors


The TravelScotland Selection: Best Edinburgh Places To Drink Outdoors

The (Cafe) Hub

Location: Castlehill

Phone  :0131 473 2067

Opinion: The Hub is not only famous for its ethnic design and classic architecture but is also popular for its food and drink. The enclosed terrace on top, offers a spectacular view of the city in addition to facilitating people-watching. The outstanding venue along with the broilles and heaters that are provided, takes the hub to the top of the list in the best places to drink outdoors in Edinburgh. Towering over the international festival center, the hub radiates with colors, lights and fun.


The Shore

Location: 3 The Shore, Leith

Phone  : 0131 553 5080

Opinion: The Shore is one of the best places to eat and drink outdoors. The restaurant even has a few tables placed outside to suit the purpose. The best thing is that you can take a walk over to the dock across the street and sit there with your legs over the edges sipping a pint. You can even enjoy some live music if you are lucky enough to get there on Tuesday or Thursday evenings. From 11am daily.


The Waterfront

Location: 1c Dock Place

Phone  : 0131 554 7427

Opinion: This great Leith eatery has waterside tables for those who love dining right beside the water. If you dream of sipping a drink and floating in nothing less than a pontoon, then The Waterfront provides facilities for that also. Just take care not to fall in the water after tasting their great wines. From 12noon Mon-Sat, 12.30pm Sun.


The Dalriada


Phone  : 0131 454 4500

Opinion: This fantastic 'beachfront' bar is ideal either for an afternoon coffee, gazing at the waves rolling in or sipping an evening drink, watching the sunset over the River Forth. Enjoying a drink outside, watching the Portobello shore can make a perfect summer evening. The log fire in the room keeps you warm and cosy if you happen to visit the place during winter. Food is served at lunchtime only and music is played almost all the nights.


Pear Tree

Location: 38 West Nicholson Street

Phone  : 0131 667 7533

Opinion: Being situated close to the Edinburgh University, the Pear Tree has got a typical student style reflected in its atmosphere. Food is served as in a refectory. There is a large beer garden, supposedly the biggest in the town of Edinburgh that is perfect for sunny afternoons. The bar staff are polite and friendly. Rows of long tables and benches can be found outside. A huge array of malts on the list. The plus points of The Pear Tree include its outside seating, the real ales and the quiz night. From noon Mon-Sat, 12.30pm.


The Outhouse

Location : 12a Broughton Street Lane

Phone  : 0131 557 6668

Opinion: An archetypal bar with Sunday afternoon barbeques. Recently, secured a proud place in the “top 50 bars in Britain” as stated by the GQ magazine. The place entertains a mixed clientèle. The weather being good, this is a nice place to sit and enjoy a evening drink. The beer garden is good in summer months and you can have an open-air retreat here. In winter, if its getting too cold at night, Outhouse has outdoor heaters to help take off the chill. Nice for lunches and after-work drinks.


The Cumberland Bar

Location : Cumberland Street

Phone  : 0131 558 3134

Opinion: The pub is famous all over Edinburgh New Town. The pub has a spacious and glorious beer garden. One of the best places to spend a summer evening would be in this beer garden. Cumberland has a huge array of ales, beers, menu and snacks and also a good selection of wines. The wood-rich décor adds to the vibe of the place. Relax out at the front of the pub enjoying the evening sun after work along with some good quality food.


The Pleasance

Location: The Pleasance

Phone  :

Opinion: The Pleasance remains open during the festival times and is a major fringe venue. It has a large open courtyard. With Specials, extra shows and comedy highlights, The Pleasance has a lot to boast about. The Pleasance hosts numerous music, kids and theatre shows in the Edinburgh Festival Time to entertain its audience.



Location: 129 Fountainbridge

Phone  : 0131 659 7880

Opinion: Cargo has got a nice airy space which draws in most of its customers. This chic outdoor seating near a canal,sees a hip and young crowd coming in almost every other day. The patio with heaters has barges bouncing up and down the wooden benches and is indeed lovely to watch and spend your evening The waterside spot comes as a surprise in the packed city-centre. Don't forget to try the salad with slices of halloumi and the delicious chorizo and black pudding. Cheese or chips accompany almost every dish.


The Street

Location: Corner of Picardy Place & Broughton Street

Phone  : 0131 556 4272

Opinion: You can just sit and watch the people stroll about in one of Edinburgh's busiest corners (right on the acme of Edinburgh's “pink triangle”) while having a nice meal. In the shape of a fishbowl, the wide glass walls of The Street facilitates the purpose of people-watching for those who like it. It also makes a good talking point. Can get some of the best food and drink deals in town.


The general locations out here where you can have a good drink - Greenside Place (Cafe Habana and Theatre Royal). Some of the other best places to drink outdoors includes The Grassmarket, and Negociants and Assembly on Lothian Street.

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