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Ardoch Roman Fort at Braco

The most impressive of the Roman fort remains even if no buildings exist. This was the most important of the Gask forts and part of the Antonine Wall

Ardoch Fort is one of the early Gask forts (a series of forts and watch towers along the Gask Ridge, a ridge of high ground running between Dunblane and Perth) - possibly constructed around the time of Mons Graupius. When it was reoccupied in the 140s AD it was probably one of the largest Roman stations in Britain and a key stronghold in thre Antonine Wall.

Although there are no visible buildings, the defensive earthworks that remain make this a most impressive location to visit.

Travel Directions to Ardoch Roman Fort at Braco

Just off the A822 as your leave Braco travelling North. Park where you can and walk the perimeter.

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