Kenneth 2

A King of the united Picts and Scots (from 971), Kenneth II was a son of Malcolm I. He succeeded Culen, another great-great-grandson of Kenneth I and reigned from 971-95. He began his reign by ravaging the Britons, but his name is also included among a group of northern and western kings said to have made submission to the Anglo-Saxon King Edgar in 973. Shortly after this, some say, Kenneth received from Edgar Lothian, the area between the Tweed and Forth rivers. This is a very early, if not the first, mention of the River Tweed as the recognised border between England and Scotland.

Kenneth II was a patron of the church at Brechin. He was killed at Fettercairn in the Mearns, apparently by his own subjects. Later stories relate that the daughter of the Thane of Angus arranged a lethal booby trap, in revenge for the death of her only son.