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Following the death of Margaret, Maid of Norway in 1290, no less than 13 people claimed the throne of Scotland. They were known as The Competitors, and this, believe it truly, was no Eurovision Song Contest. One of them was John Comyn, the son of John 'the Red' of Badenoch and Tynedale. To distinguish him from his father, he was sometimes called 'the Black'.

Coming from an immensely strong family, on the death of Alexander III he was elected one of the six Guardians of the Realm. He married Eleanor, sister of John Balliol (another Competitor), and helped negotiate the French Treaty of 1295. After John's abdication, he was a prisoner on England. On being released to help suppress unrest in Moray, he promptly joined up with William Wallace. To confuse the spectrum of Scottish politics, his son John was also known as 'the Red' just like his grandfather.

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