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St Andrews - The Old Course- the home of golf!

Without doubt, the Old course represents the epitome of links golfing. This is the course to tackle at least once in any serious golfers lifetime.

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St Andrews Old Course

If there is one course in the world that is on most golfers bucket list. It is the classic, majestic and awe inspiring, Old Course. A golfing trip to St Andrews, heck a golfing trip to Scotland in general simply must involve a round at the Old Course.

What Makes The St Andrews Old Course Such A Special Place?

Well it is the Old Course!!!!! Really that is all you have to say to a keen golfer when trying to sell them on a round here. But the truth is, the Old Course is just such a great course that it is really hard to put into words what makes it so amazing. This is the course everyone wants to say they have played on and when you are in a pub, talking about golf the bloke who has played at the Old Course always gets a wee bit more respect.

Right from the start, you know that a round of golf here is going to be very special. As you will be right out in front of the Royal And Ancient Golf Club Clubhouse…….. talk about a cool feeling! You just get such an appreciation for what an amazing course this is when you are standing here. The flip side of this is that this is actually a very popular part of St Andrews with the tourists so expect to have more than a few people standing around watching you tee off! It will either make you swing like a pro or crack under the pressure and slice the ball!

The Old Course is a very interesting 18 holes as really when you first step out and look at the course ahead of you it does have kind of a plain look to it that can lure you into a false sense of security and make you think that this is going to be a nice and easy round! Fourteen of the holes share the same green as this is a back and forth type of course. So if you have a hard time on one of the greens going forward on the way back, you may have a better idea of what club to use or how to approach it better.

For me a huge part of the fun of playing the Old Course is that this is a thinking man’s course! The gents and ladies who do best here are those who take a moment to really think about what club they are going to use. Sometimes this course will require you to be thinking one or two holes ahead! It is just such a fun course to play and a course I have yet to hear someone be disappointed with.

Best Hole At The St Andrews Old Course

Hole 17 (The Road Hole)

This is a hole that has seen many a golfer get crazily frustrated over the years or really ruin what has been a good game of golf up to that point (David Duval!!!) But I think this is one of the best challenges at the Old Course and to say you made it past The Road Hole without spending some serious time in that huge crater of a bunker is sure to give you some bragging rights or just put a big smile on your face. This is a changing hole (one that has gotten the better of me more times than not!) but it is just such an iconic and fun part of the course that it is a real highlight.

A Few Things You Need To Know About The St Andrews Old Course

Treat Your Self With A Caddie!

This is not a cheap course which is to be expected and while I am all about saving money this is one course where you do deserve to go all out and treat yourself with a caddie. You will always remember your round of golf at the Old Course so do all you can to make it as special as possible……. And the caddies here are fantastic and will do a great job in giving some good tips and pointers for taking on the course.  There are many mean bunkers on this course that seem to pop up out of nowhere! A caddie will help you out immensely with this.

Closed On Sundays

WHAT!!!!! Yes that is right as odd as it sounds, the Old Course is closed on Sundays! It is worth noting that the other, St Andrews course are open on Sundays so you will always have somewhere to play. You can however, go for a nice walk around the Old Course on a Sunday which many people do enjoy.

Proof Of Your Handicap

You gents will need to have a handicap of at least 24 and ladies will require 36. Please make sure you bring a certificate that states this as you will not be allowed to play here without proof!

Early Evening Golf

The summers in St Andrews are amazing and as a result you can have a tee time as late as 6PM! It is not uncommon for golfers to still be out there after 9PM! So there is no need to be worried that you will have to rush your game if you are given a late tee time.

Busy Time

Between April and October you have to adhere to the two course policy to play here. So you have to book a round at another one of the courses in addition to the Old Course……… Oh dear such a shame having to play at two wonderful courses (wink, wink)

How To Make The Most Of Your Day In St Andrews

A Nice Place To Eat And Have A Drink

For a fantastic and high end dining experience, The Vine Leaf Restaurant is a great place that many tourists like to go to. Offering a nice sea food, meat and vegetarian menu. They offer high end food in a relaxing atmosphere. They have an amazing wine list here or if you prefer you can relax after a hard day on the Old Course with an ice cold pint.

Something Else To Do In St Andrews

If you want to do a little sightseeing or kill some time before your tee time then a trip to St Andrews Castle is something that I am sure you will enjoy. With a very interesting and pretty grizzly history, St Andrews Castle is a real high light with people who come here. 


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