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Saxa Vord Distillery

Small distillery opn most northerly of Shetland's islands in an ex RAF base. You can visit by appointment and they have their own tasting rooms!

The distillery is on the UK’s most northerly inhabited island of Unst in the Shetland Islands. Their Shetland Reel Gin is made in a traditional-style but with a unique Shetland twist. The Original Gin uses locally grown apple mint, and their Ocean Sent Gin is made with specially harvested bladderwrack seaweed from the Shetland coastline.

The size of the still means that Saxa Vord is one of the smallest commercial gin distilleries. The small batch production was in limited supply and initially only available within Shetland. However their plans have grown and the word has spread so their gin is now stocked in a large number of national and international locations. (see their website for details)

They have developed the recipe, producing small scale batches and testing them on some very willing volunteers. The result is an excellent traditional-style gin with a unique Shetland twist provided by the inclusion of apple mint, which is grown and harvested by Unst Market Growers.

The first commercial distillation of gin in Shetland was run in September 2014 producing the first 500 limited edition bottles which are in Shetland tweed bags and marked L001/14.



Haroldswick, Shetland Islands,





Travel Directions to Saxa Vord Distillery

Our distillery is located at the northern end of Unst, the most northerly inhabited island in the UK, only accessible from the Shetland mainland by two ferry journeys, via the island of Yell.

Wednesday, 27 January 2016