Glasgow Bars

Most pubs and bars open till 2400, though a few are open later, and many of them close at 2300 on weekdays and Sun. Forget all the tired old clichés about Glasgow and Glaswegians, a night out in Scotland's largest city is a memorable experience - for all the right reasons.

DJs normally start at 2100 till 2400 and entry is usually free, with some places charging after 2300 when they transform into clubs. One of the best areas for the sheer number and variety of pubs and bars is the Glasgow West End, with its large student population.

Glasgow: bars & pubs

Note that there's bound to be some overlap between bars, cafés, bistros and restaurants. Many of the bars listed below, especially those in the Merchant City and West End, serve very good food at reasonable prices, and the best of these are also included in the 'Eating' section. Similarly, many of the cafés and bistros listed under their respective sections are among the best places to enjoy a drink. Also note that many bars feature regular live bands and comedy nights, and the most notable of these are listed separately (see 'Comedy' and 'Live music venues' below).