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Prestwick Golf Course- North Ayrshire

Prestwick Golf Course- home to the very first open championship is a course that sholud be tacked by every golfer at least once in a lifetime

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Prestwick Golf Club

Home of the very first Open Championship, Prestwick Golf Club is a very historic golf course and it could not be any more “Scottish” either. This my friends is what, Scottish links golf in Scotland is all about!

What Makes Prestwick Golf Club So Special

At roughly half an hour away from Glasgow and not too far from the Ayrshire coast line, Prestwick Golf Club really does make quite the first impression. For  golfers who want a course that is really going to push and test your skills in pretty much every way then this is the course for you. By the end of a round here not only will you have thoroughly enjoyed yourself, but you will also know what exactly you need to work on when it comes to your game!

A person who has never been to Prestwick Golf Club will think that at 6,544 yards this is a very short course and there for must not offer up all that much of a challenge. Well let me tell you this course has chewed up and spat out many a keen golfer over the years. With its incredible, mean, nasty and insanely deep bunkers, some of the roughest rough in Scotland, fairways that are hard to read and of course that unpredictable, Scottish costal weather. Prestwick Golf Club may in theory be short, but if you try to just “power” your way through this course you will be in for a very poor round!

One thing that is amusing about, Prestwick Golf Club is that there are train tracks alongside the right of the first hole (which is actually nicknamed railroad!) This is a track that is in regular use so more than a few golfers have seen their balls hitch a ride on a freight train heading to god knows where! This tricky little, par 4 is a great introduction to this course and shows just how much personality it has.

Speaking of personality the holes here all let you know they mean business with names like The Alps,  Arran, The Himalaya’s and the ultimate challenge, The Cardinal. The Cardinal is a 482, par 5 that is just insane! This is the number 1 handicap hole here and with a stream that runs all the way down the right side (and I mean all the way down!) and huge sand areas that are sneakily placed. Making this shot in 5 is something that if you do, well you sure as hell deserve a few beers after.

This is a hard as nails course, but it is also a lot of fun and something that many golfers see as a real challenge. Do you have the guts and the skills to come and take on Prestwick?

Best Hole At Prestwick Golf Club

Hole 15 (Narrows)

This par 4, 353 yard hole is called Narrows because there are two bunkers places so close together that if you are playing with a few friends you will have to walk single file to get through! You want to avoid these bad boys at all cost and if you do somehow end up in one of them….. then just get out of there as quick as you can…. Even if this means hitting a shot backwards, remember the bunkers here do not mess around. This is not the hardest hole on the course, but when you are standing on the tee, those two big bunkers from a distance look like they could be just one, monster sized bunker and while it makes you think “oh no!” it is still a really awesome site.


Things To Know About Prestwick Golf Club

Watch For The Weather

With being not too far from the sea, Prestwich golf club can have some very unpredictable weather. Some rain can make this an even more challenging course. Not just with trying to make sure your positional play does not suffer, but the rough here on a nice day is regarded as some of the meanest in Scotland and when it gets wet!!!!! You are in real trouble.

Caddie Service

They have a smashing caddie service here that is very well priced and with how tough this course is I highly recommend that you or your group take at least one caddie with you. This will help you out big time with some of the tricky holes. The caddie service at Prestwick Golf Club is one of the more reasonably priced caddie services I have come across so be sure to take advantage of it.

 Trolleys & Carts

They offer both regular and electronic trolleys here if you are fit enough though I would recommend just taking your bag with you as the terrain can make dragging a trolley around a bit on the brutal side. Speaking of terrain it makes using golf carts on here near impossible. However if you do have a medical condition they do have a single person, cart that you can use.

What To Do & Where To Eat Near Prestwick Golf Club

A Nice Place To Eat

You cannot go wrong with their very own clubhouse which offers two dining rooms and two bars. Also what makes eating here such a special occasion is that they have an incredible amount of golf memorabilia and little bits of history scattered all over the place. In many ways it is kind of like a little museum for you to check out. Their menu if very nice and if you have had a hard round then you will certainly want a few drinks at the bar. Please note that there is a dress code for eating here of a jacket, collar and tie.

Somewhere Interesting To Go

The Burns Museum is only a couple of miles away and if you want to do something really Scottish then going to learn all about one of their favourite sons is a great idea.

Visitor Times:

Weekday mornings and afternoons: Play between 8am and 9am is limited to 2 ball play except Wednesdays and Fridays when 4 ball play is permitted between 8.15am and 9.15am as part of the Prestwick Experience. Fourball play is permitted at other times.

Weekends: Limited times are available on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings and afternoons.


Limits are 24 for men and 28 for ladies.

Dress code:

All visitors are expected to arrive in suitable golfing attire. We ask that all visitors using the Dining Room and Members’ Bar wear jacket, collar and tie (gentlemen) or a change from golfing attire (ladies). Smart casual wear is acceptable in the Cardinal Bar and Lounge. Jeans, trainers, shorts (unless tailored) and round neck T-shirts are not acceptable on the course or in the Clubhouse.


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