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Easy Walks Outside The City


The TravelScotland Selection: Easy Walks Outside The City

The Pentlands

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Opinion: The Spark that ignited the minds of many celebrated minds, Pentlands is a strikingly beautiful hill range. The range is ideal for hill walking, barbequeing, picnicing and cycling. Pentlands rises to almost 600m and silhouettes the city. You can follow diverse paths around the reservoirs, ponds and lochs which will take you to the top. Majority of the land enroute is occupied for cattle and sheep farming. (A) Road signs will lead you to the Colinton village. Proceed left up for the the Woodhall Road. Look out for the Bonaly Scout Camp and you'll find yourself on the the Bonaly Road. A gate serves as the entrance to the hill. Drive or walk till you reach the gate. The stroll to Glenrose would prove to be one of the most delightful experiences. (B) The rural area of A702 Bigger Road showcases quiet a few perceptible indications of most of the walks including signposted gateways. 5 km from the Hillend ski slope, Boghall serves as a wise choice for a starting point. Also falling in the same line are the following places at a few kilometers from town: Silverburn, Habbie's Howe and the Carlop village (C) Categorized under some of the most well-known starts are the Flotterstone Inn and A702 (popular pub lunches, all day weekends from 6-10pm). Somewhat off the beaten track, the Loglanlea Reservoir is another top which will for sure bring a smile to your lips.


Hermitage of Braid

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Opinion: The country glen with marvelous views oozes natural beauty. It is beautifully nestled between the Blackford Hill and Braid Hills. Be prepared to get carried off by the wind, once atop the Braid hills. Turn to your right and you can fork up the ridge of Blackford hill. Coupled with the Blackford Hill, the place was tagged a nature reserve in 1993. Convenient for hiking and walking. Follow along the Braid Burn path which will easily lead you to the information center of Hermitage House. Great place to sledge in winter.

START: Firstly the Blackford Glen Road. Then proceed south to Mayfield, afterwards head to the main T-junction with Liberton Road. Turn to your right when on seeing the 'Penicuik' signpost.


Roslin Glen

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Opinion: Another refreshing walk which can enliven your senses is the Roslin Glen Walk. Stroll around the Rosslyn castle walls and take a small circuit to the famed Rosslyn Chapel . Lovely, dark and deep woodlands by the River Esk wait to be explored. All in all, the place oozes history and scenery.

START: A701 from Mayfield or Newington serves as the starting point. Car park at the chapel, which lies at a distance of 500m from the Manse Road or Main Street. Follow the path from Rosewell/Rosslynlee hospital. You can spot the main car park on your left at a kilometer distance from the village.



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Opinion: Sprawling over 220 acres, this country park offers a fine walking trail for dog walkers, couples, lovers and of course kids. This jewel which lies 18km to the west of Livingston sparkles with riverside meadows and woodland walks. The visitor shop even provides a teashop. Apr-Oct 9am-5pm, Nov-Mar 11am-4pm. Closed 12.30-1am daily.

START: If you're starting from Edinburgh , then go by the A71 path via Sighthill. Turn to your right and head for Camps once you reach Wilkieston. From Camps road signs will take you to the place. Or A89 to Broxburn past the start of M8. Once at Broxburn, again road signs will take you to the place.


Beecraigs and Cockleroy

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Opinion: Lying to the south of the historic town of Linlithgow and encamped by the Bathgate Hills, this country park is an ideal refreshment center. You can take a quiet stroll in this country park amongst the clearings in the mixed woods. Kids will love the place for what it gifts. A chalk spring fishing loch which fishing enthusiasts would adore, deer farm with a large number of impressive deer stags and also private car parking facilities are furnished. The journey uphill and the view from the Cockleroy Hill is magnificent. You have the option of starting your walk from the park itself. Take the path from Ben Lomond to the Bass Rock. A short and gentle slope. 01506 844516 for opening times which vary on a 9am-4.30pm theme.

START: From M90 to Linlithgow its 26km right through the town and left on Preston Road. Proceed for 4km and turn to your right to head for the hill.


Borthwick and Crichton Castles

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Opinion: Enjoy the walk through the lofty adage of the romantic and dramatic Scottish boarders . You can behold the beautiful scenery of rolling hills serving as the background to the castle draped in drama and romance. Of the two castles, one serves as a posh hotel while the other is an impressive ruin by the banks of the river Tyne. Once at Borthwick, walk on the path beside the railway line. Fork up from behind the ruined chapel at Crichton . In summers it might turn out to be a daunting task to beat the vegetation.

START: The path from Borthwick is as follows: A7 south for 16km, through the Gorebridge, left at North Middleton;signed. From Crichton : A68 upto Pathhead, signed then 3km by through the ruined church. Park your vehicle and proceed for for walk 250m.


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