Glasgow Nightclubs

Glasgow's clubbing scene is said to be one among the best in the UK. It attracts top DJs and at the same time breeds local talent as well. Underground scenes remain prominent and few mega clubs still have dress codes. The music community in the city flourishes and you can find new bands emerging almost every year.


Alaska 142 Bath La, Tel: 2481777. Home of the city's Soma label, so hosts some of the best club nights.

Archaos 25 Queen St, Tel: 2043189. A younger more dressy crowd come here for house, techno and club classics in this massive venue.

The Arches 253 Argyle St, T0901-0220300. Cavernous space under Central station. Glasgow's finest and always at the cutting edge of the UK dance scene.

Babaza 24 Royal Exchange Sq, Tel: 2040101. Unusual interior, up-for-it crowd who love their R&B and hip hop.

Cube 34 Queen St, Tel: 2268990. Increasingly popular plays host to a musical mix of club nights 5 nights a week. Gay nights on Mon and Tue.

Fury Murry's 96 Maxwell St, Tel: 2216511. Behind the St Enoch Centre. An eclectic crowd get down to a mix of dance and student faves.

The Garage 490 Sauchiehall St, Tel: 3321120. Downbeat, sticky student haunt featuring the usual cheesy retro stuff that they seem to love, and cheap drinks, which always go down well. Occasional live bands. More of an old-fashioned getting bevvied up and copping off kind of place.

Havana 50 Hope St, Tel: 2484466 (see also 'Bars'). More of a bar with dancing, and only open till 0100 at weekends, but they play the hottest Latin grooves you can find.

The Tunnel 84 Mitchell St, Tel: 2041000. A new Millenium and still going strong as one of the city's prime club venues.

The Velvet Rooms Sauchiehall St, Tel: 3320755. Small and studiously hip bar/club for those who wish to worship at the altar of groove.

Glasgow's Gay Scene

Glasgow's gay scene has grown around the trendy bars and cafés of the Merchant City, especially Virginia St, Wilson St and Glassford St.


Temporary home of the legendary Sub Club which will open up soon after suffering fire damage at its real home on Jamaica St. Privilege, Hope St, Tel: 2045233.