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Timeline of Scottish History

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Demands of Fieschi the Papal Legate on the Scottish Clergy

The King of Ottobon de Fieschi was at this time the papal legate in England, and to defray the expenses of his visitation, he thought proper to demand a contribution from each cathedral and parish church in Scotland. The king, however, acting by the advice of his clergy, peremptorily refused the demand; appealed to Rome; and, when Ottobon requested admittance into Scotland, steadily declared that he should not set a foot over the Border. The legate next summoned the Scottish bishops to attend upon him in England whenever he should hold his council; and he required the clergy to despatch two of their number to appear as their representatives. This they agreed to; but the representatives were sent, not as the vassals of the papacy, but as the members of an independent church. Such, indeed, they soon showed themselves; for when the legate procured several canons to be enacted regarding Scotland, the Scottish clergy resolutely disclaimed obedience to them. Incensed at this conduct, Clement the Fourth shifted his ground, and demanded from them a tenth of their benefices, to be paid to Henry of England, as an aid for an approaching crusade.

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