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Thirteenth Century

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Thirteenth Century Scotland

  • 1214

William I dies and is succeeded by Alexander II.

  • 1250

Pope Innocent IV declares Margaret a saint. Her remains, along with Malcolm's, are moved to a shrine outside Dunfermline Abbey.

  • 1270

William Wallace born.

  • 1272

Edward I becomes King of England.

  • 1274

Robert the Bruce born, in either Essex or Ayrshire.

  • 1291

Wallace declared an outlaw.

  • 1292

John Balliol becomes King of Scots.

  • 1292

Bruce becomes Earl of Carrick.

  • 1296

Edward invades Scotland. Balliol abdicates and is captured by the English. Edward becomes overlord.

  • 1297

Wallace sacks Lanark.

  • 1297

Bruce is believed to have knighted William Wallace after the battle of Stirling Bridge.

  • 1297

Battle of Stirling Bridge.

  • 1298

Wallace slips away to France.

  • 1298

Bruce appointed Guardian of Scotland, along with John "The Red" Comyn.

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