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Timeline of Scottish History

A timeline of events in Scottish History!. Scroll through a growing chronology of events and click on them for more details and links

Edward's progress through Scotland

It was now only the 13th of July, and Edward determined to employ the interval till the 2d of August in a progress through Scotland, for the purpose of receiving the homage of its inhabitants, and examining in person the disposition of the people, and the strength of the country. He proceeded, by Edinburgh and Stirling, as far as Perth, visiting Dunfermline, St Andrews, Kinghorn, and Linlithgow; and at these places peremptorily called upon persons of all ranks, earls, barons, and burgesses, to sign the rolls of homage, as vassals of the King of England.In the more remote districts, which he could not visit, officers were appointed to receive the oaths, and enforce them by imprisonment upon the refractory; and having thus examined and felt the temper of the country, which he had determined to reduce under his dominion, he returned to Berwick; where, in the presence of the competitors, with the prelates, earls, and barons of both countries, assembled in the chapel of the castle, he, on the 3d of August, opened the proceedings.

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