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Timeline of Scottish History

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Projects of Edward

On being informed of the state of confusion into which the death of Alexander was likely to plunge a kingdom which had been for some time the object of his ambition, the project of a marriage between the young queen and his son the Prince of Wales was too apparent not to suggest itself. But this monarch, always as cautious of too suddenly unveiling his purposes as he was determined in pursuing them, did not immediately declare his wishes. He contented himself with observing the turn which matters should take in Scotland, certain that his power and influence would in the end induce the different parties to appeal to him; and confident that the longer time which he gave to these factions to quarrel among themselves and embroil the country, the more advantageously would this interference take place. The youth of the King of Norway, father to the young Princess of Scotland, was another favourable circumstance for Edward. Eric was only eighteen. He naturally looked to Edward, the uncle of his late wife, for advice and support; and, fearful of trusting his infant and only daughter, scarce three years old, to the doubtful allegiance of so fierce and ambitious a nobility as that of Scotland, he determined to keep her for the present under his own eye in Norway.

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