Bucholly Castle

Cliffside castle that is a perfect place for a picnic with amazing views. What it must have been like when it was built - treachorous and cold. Walk from the road with care!

Castle dates from 13th century and always a small keep cut off from the mainland by a trench. The keep itself was never larger than 14x20 foot. There was a keep there from the time of Robert the Bruce owned by the Mowat family. Later it became part of the Sinclair family estates.

The castle was abandoned in the 17th century.

The castle is ruinous and should be approached, if at all with great care!

Opening Times

Simply walk up but with care as its position on the cliffs is obviously dangerous

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Travel Directions to Bucholly Castle

Travel Directions

Turn off from A99 a mile of Freswick travelling South. Park on side of the road and walk across the fields

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