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Small town in Fife near East Neuk - and nothing to do with the eponymous Distillery which is in Speyside to the surprise of tourist searching the town for it.

Glenrothes was a 50s new town designed to house miners in the nearby collieries, now closed. After the demise of mining, the town was lucky to become something of an epicenter for new the IT industries a part of "Silicon Glen".

You would not visit Glenrothes for the standard Scottish tourism themes - castles and clans. However, if you are interested in how a community can pass through a series of economic phases - New Town, Industrial centre and now "post" industrial economy and continue to thrive, this could be the place to come.

Moreover, the people of Glenrothes are proud of their town and look after it. 



Travel Directions to Glenrothes

Very easy to travel to with trains on the main east line stopping at the rail station as well as the A92 passing through