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    Camper Van Hire in Scotland

    Where & How to Hire Camper Vans in Scotland

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Campervan Hire in Scotland

on Tuesday, 25 April 2017. Posted in Best Of Scotland

Where to Hire Campervans in Scotland

Scottish Borders & South

Counting Sheep Campers

Based near Berwick so easy to pick up on the way North if you are coming up the A1. Offers VW modern campers. Also have their own Shepherd's hut on site.
Website: http://www.countingsheepcampers.com/

Scooby Camper Vans - Classic VWs

Based near Edinburgh in Dalkeith. Offer a fleet of very lovingly restored classic VW campers as well as a couple of T25 campers as well
Website: http://scoobycampers.com/

Kombi Campers Classic VW - near Glasgow

Another company on West coast near Paisley so perfect if you care coming up M6. Offers fleet of restored VWs as well as moderntypes as well.
Website: http://www.kombicampers.co.uk/our-fleet-of-vw-campervans-for-hire/

Open Road Motorhomes (Glasgow)

Provide larger motorhomes sleeping up to seven people as well as T5 campers. 
Website: http://openroadscotland.com/motorhome-hire-scotland/

Vintage VW Campers near Falkirk

More classic VWs. Based near Falkirk so if you coming into Edinburgh Airport or want to start close to Highlands - ideal.
Website: https://www.vintagevwcampers.com/

Sunnyside Campervans (Loch Lomond)

Both classic Vws and T25s available starting from the banks of Loch Lomond so great start for exploring Argyll and West Coast. Also features a B&B on site for combining or staying overnight before you start your odyssey!
Website: http://www.sunnysideclassicvwcamperrentals.co.uk/

Rockin Vans - Glasgow & Edinburgh

Covers the UK and offers a range of modern VW campers plus RV style from Fiat.
Website: http://www.rockinvans.co.uk/our-vans

Carty's Campers - Coatbridge (Glasgow)

Classic VW Campers to hire with fleet of three. Based near Glasgow at Coatbridge.
Website: http://www.cartyscampers.com/

Classic Campervan Scotland

Based in North Berwick on East Coast near Edinburgh with 2 Classic Type 2 Campers. One original and one Brazilian.
Website: http://www.classiccampervansscotland.co.uk/

Four Seasons Camper Vans (Loch Lomond)

T5 Jobl Converted VWs based north of Glasgow on Loch Lomond. Fleet of three vans. Good start for west coast and highlands.
Website: https://fourseasonscampervanhire.com/vwcampervanhire/

Tartan Campers - Saltcoats near Glasgow Airport

Distinctively camouflaged in tartan with a fleet of T25 Vans for rent. You wont mistake your vehicle for anyone else!
Website: http://www.thetartancamper.co.uk/

Adventure Wagons (Dalkeith near Edinburgh)

3 Vans of different sizes - Mazda Bongo, VW Caddy and Transporter. You can really eat up the miles with VW Caddy. Excellent for 500 Mile route.
Website: http://www.adventurewagons.com/index.php/campers-available

California Scotland (near Edinburgh)

Hires out VW Californian Campers - if you know them, you know they are flagship vehicle. Excellent for comfort and all the little extras.
Website: http://www.californiascotland.com/

Scotland by Camper (nr Glasgow)

Based near Glasgow near Bellshill with two Classic T2 Campers for weekly or weekend hire. 
Website: http://scotlandbycamper.com/

carberry Campers (Edinburgh)

2 Classic 1963 and 1964  Split screen VW campers available with totally updated interiors. 
Website: http://www.carberrycampers.co.uk/

West Coast Camper Hire (Glasgow-Edinburgh)

2 VW California Campers (2010 & 2016) and in great condition. 
Website: http://www.vwcamperhirescotland.co.uk/

ArkVendor Classic VW (Edinburgh)

2 Classic VW campers, Bumble and Tango. Pick up from Edinburgh so easy to reach from train or flight. Both in beautiful condition.
Website: https://www.arkvendor.co.uk/

North & West

Wild Campers Scotland - (Mull)

3 T5 Campers based on Mull to cover the west coast or for just a single night in Mull in the outdoors.
Website: https://www.wildcampersscotland.com/our-vans/

Harris Campervans (Isle of Harris)

Brilliant island to get away from it so once you arrive, dump your car and get out and enjoy. 2 x Classic Vw Campers
Website: http://www.harrisclassiccampers.co.uk/our-vans

Deeside Classic Campers

Based in Aberdeenshire with a couple of T2 VWs and and  T5 Modern camper. Good location to be able to set off into the deep highlands.
Website: http://www.deesideclassiccampers.com/

Strathpeffer Campervan Hire (North of Inverness)

T25 VW Campers as well as Mercedes Motorhome available. Good spot to start a 500 style route around the North Coast!
Website: http://www.strathpeffervwcampervans.co.uk/

View from the Slow Lane (Arbroath)

Based on East coast south of Aberdeen and so good for Highlands and you can travel up on the train from the South on the Aberdeen sleeper. VW Type 2 Vans.
Website: http://www.viewfromtheslowlane.com/vw-campervan-hire-splitscreen-vintage-wedding-car/#our-vehicles

Bayview Campers (Aberdeenshire)

Based north of Aberdeen with two T2 Classic VW Campers. Good location to start an exploration of Cairngorms and Castle country.
Website: http://www.bayviewcampers.co.uk/about-bayview-campervans.html

Struans Motorhomes (Perth)

Renting proper motorhomes with modern fleet sleeping up to 6 people. Serious vehicles. Based in Perth so you can travel up on the train and drive from there.
Website: http://www.roamscotland.co.uk/

Happy Highland Campers (Inverness)

Great start for the far North and its empty roads and you can sleeper up from the South and start in the morning. All original T2 VWs from the 1970s. 
Website: http://www.happyhighlandcampers.co.uk/campervanhire.html

Ochil campers (Perthshire)

Pair of classic T2 campers for weekend or weekly hire at pretty good rates. Good location for the Highlands
Website: https://www.ochilclassiccampers.co.uk/

High Road Campers ( Elgin, Moray)

2 x T5 VW Campers available for weekend/weekly hire. Down the coast from Inverness. Good start for North or Central Highlands.
Website: http://www.highroadcampers.co.uk/

Big Tree Campers (North of Perth)

Range of 4 berth campers, unusally not the usual VW suspects but Hyundai and Toyotas. very road worthy with hi-tops. Location just off the A9 north of Perth so you are well on your way into the highlands.
Website: http://www.bigtreecampervans.com/

Moray Firth Campers (Moray)

Motorhomes and both Classic T2 and T5 Vw Campers available. Good location for north part of the Highland 500
Website: http://www.morayfirthcamperandcaravanhire.co.uk/

Todd's Tourers (Callander, Perthshire)

Based North East of Stirling on A84 so good place to start a journey up the West side of Highlands and the Trossachs. Has 2 to 6 berth motorhomes, not VWs but proper motorhomes
Website: https://www.toddstourers.co.uk/vehicles-and-prices