Advertise on TravelScotland

We've had our best year at with thousands of hotel, self-catering cottage and tour enquiries from all over the world.

Advertising your tourism business on the TravelScotland Website is easy.

We will:

  •  Create a page about your business with links to your own websites. This page includes a gallery of pictures, enquiry form, address and phone details and link to a page with map location
  • Link to you from relevant pages on
  • Prominently display telephone and contact details for you
  • Design 250x250 pixel image advertisement to attract visitors to your site
  • We will display your cottage on our cottage availability map; frequently used by customers to search for available properties. They can then enquire by phone or email.
  • All enquiries will come through to you via phone calls or email enquiries.

How to Advertise
If you would like to advertise, please fill in our secure advertising form here , giving as many details of your cottage as possible. You can call either Laraine or Sholto on 0131 603 4880 and ask any questions if you want to get more information before hand.

The charge is £100 plus  VAT per annum - You can easily pay the advert subscription through PayPal.

Questions & Answers:
Question: What's the difference between and
Answer: We don't promote every tourism business in Scotland so you don't feature on a page with 200 other local businesses. Also, we don't believe that we know best. We try to listen.

Question: Do you only deal with accommodation businesses?
No. We deal with any tourism businesses and in fact it is often the esoteric and unexpected that do best as visitors often don't know that those businesses even exist.

Question: Do we have to follow your format?
Answer: No way. If you have a great idea for marketing and promoting yourself we are all ears to hear. The fact is, your success is our success.

Question: How much will it cost?
Answer: Less than £10 per month (or 1.1 pence per hour)

Question: What is the minimum term?
We run our advertising for 12 month periods, We have found that the cost of set up over a shorter period is not really worth it. However, we will give you 30 days test advertising so you see we can deliver! Call us to persuade us.

Question: How much commission must I pay?
Answer: NONE (except where we have a separate commission agreement with you for group bookings)

Question: Can I make changes?
Answer: Yes (um, within reason) But if you realise that something will work better, let's give it a try.

Question: Do I have to reduce my prices to get the best out of this?
 Answer: No, we are not VisitScotland. We believe that marketing is about value so let's help prospective visitors appreciate what they are going to get and they won't demand cheap deals.

If you add a link from your site to ours then we will also add a free month!

£100 + vat annual 

This includes a full page about your business, 1 250 pixel advert that runs across the site and directs visitors to your website, full contact details and links from relevant pages on website.

Click here to use our ONLINE SECURE FORM   if you wish to advertise.

We'll let you know when  your advert is up and running; you can then use the following Subcribe button  to pay for your advert for a year - it's that simple.

We can now offer an Availability and  Booking System

We're pleased to announce that we can now offer an online availability and booking system to make life easy for you to manage your cottage bookings, handle availability and prices. To find out more give us a call on 0131 603 4880.

See an example of our booking system: Self-Catering Holiday Cottages