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Tank Driving, Paintball Segway or Archery

An interesting activity day ithat includes Tank Driving and paintball with Segway or Archery to finish off.

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Challenge your endurance levels with these off-road vehicles that are designed for multi terrain like mud water or hills More than just pace this activity needs precision and endurance which makes it an activity for the brave souls. Navigate these machines along the tricky courses and enjoy the thrill of adventure activities like high speed driving and shooting. You can choose from Tank Driving Paintball and choose one other segway or archery

Tank Driving:-

Tank driving is something that you don't get to know every other day . Drive 18 tons of heavy armour at a speed of f 30 mph or more over rough terrain is just such an exciting experience.


Paintballing is the time tested favorites in party circuits. A perfect group activity for fun and adrenalin paintball is available in various formats and patterns to offer something special for everyone..It is a delightfully funny chance to shoot at your mates and settle your scores!

Archery or Segway Driving:-

You can choose from either segway driving or archery.

Note - Any medication required should be present on day ie Inhalers for asthma Medical conditions disclosed. No Alcohol or drugs to be consumed prior to or during activities.

The Little Details

  • Minimum Age: 14

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