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Blindfold Driving in Scottish Highlands

Chaotic and crazy, this mad cap sport is all about turning the conventions of driving on its head!

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Blind fold driving is following your instincts and lending an ear to the instructions in the form of shrieks and shouts of your buddies at the rear guiding you without losing your sanity. You need to reach the finishing line in the least possible time with not many crushed cones on your trail. This could be an excellent group activity that ensures equal chances for all members in the team to be on the driver’s and co drivers seat and is a great option to enhance your team spirit.Add a new dimension to your driving skills with the nerve racking diving event of blindfold driving. Trust communication skills and perception holds the key of this challenging outdoor activity that is surely not for the faint hearted! This activity that is for four or more participants fosters team spirit and get the people wok as a single team.

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  • Suitable for: Stag/Hen Groups