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Fun Dance Classes - Inverness

Choose any one style from this eclectic mix of Dance Classes, each lasting for about 90mins makes for a great time out with the girls. Exhilarating and entertaining addition to any girls day out.

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Dance Parties Inverness – for some audacious entertainment and delicious fun!

Dance + Fun + wild entertainment, what more can you ask for to break your monotony and live a new life for 90 mins in Inverness!

There are very few things in life that transport us to surreal places and moments, letting us leave behind the inconsistencies and vagaries of everyday and letting us revel in the beauty of this thing called life while taking our lives a step beyond mere existence. If music magically transports our souls to a world beyond the present, dance adds a splash of colour to that journey. If you and your hen party are looking for such a palette to colour your otherwise monochromatic life, we offer you just the right mix.

Our eclectic range of dance classes, each lasting for about 90mins, takes place at locations across Inverness So, is your little group the type to take the road less travelled or would you be content with one of our sought after dance choices? Whatever the decision, we promise you an exhilarating and electric time that will boost your energy to incredible levels. Take a quick look at our dance selections and decide for yourself!

The top 5 Dance Styles

  • 70’s and 80’s Dance Parties
  • Inter-continental flavour with Belly Dancing and Bollywood
  • Fun with pom-poms with a little Cheerleading
  • Can-Can
  • Burlesque.

With the fun quotient hitting the roof, you will be set to leave behind the monotony of life for 90 mins!

Off the beaten track

Looking for some different hues? Pick from some of our off the beaten track choices including Chicago, Dirty Dancing, Grease, Thriller and Glee themes. If you want to up the ante a bit more, we have just the thing for you! How about some Pole Dancing adventure or a little Salsa? There is no dearth of choices to fashion for yourself the time of your life!

Check all the fun dance party classes that we can offer in Inverness

The 70’s Fever

Counting seconds and minutes can be exhausting especially when you are trying to scamper through the week impatiently waiting for that remarkably relaxing weekend. Counting seconds and minutes with us though is an entirely different affair. Learn to groove to the disco beats of the 70’s and liberate yourself of all the crammed up anxieties when we raise the temperature of your Saturday Night Fever. Drape yourself in a dress that is both convenient and mirrors the party style. A private room for your specific party and an incredibly amiable teacher to help you get the steps right, the energy is bound to be so electric that you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to photo opportunities.

The wild and crazy 80’s

Are you ready to travel back in time to the craziness that was the 80’s? The era that carved out the meaning of wild and fun is calling you to have the time of your life. A gentle aerobics warm up to get your body ready for two whole hours of footloose fun. From a mellowed beginning, jump right into the ear-popping and foot-tapping sounds of the 80’s that are sure to leave you asking for more. Rock to the eccentric beats living simultaneously in the past and the present, but be sure to bring in those flats and trainers to have the wildest and the most comfortable of times. Hey! After all, girls do want to and best of all, know how to have some crazy fun! Don your best 80’s garb and don’t forget those colourful head bands and leg warmers – your trip back in time will never be complete without them!

Belly Dancing-Middle-Eastern Delight

Whoever said belly dancing was a way to entertain the men-folk, need to do some rephrasing. This graceful dance form that has its origins around the Mediterranean region is not only a great way to unwind; it is also a fantastic way to lose those belly pounds. With the hip belts and flowing moves, strengthen your stomach muscles, lose those extra centimetres around your waist and tone your hip and chest with some vertical and horizontal rollings, shimmies and lifts. Walk freely like an Egyptian with flats and long skirts that are the best attire for this gorgeous dance form.

Bollywood-Colours of India

Journey further east and discover the jhatkas and matkas of the exotic Bollywood moves. We give you a one-of-a-kind experience with a fantastic fusion of traditional Bollywood moves, hip-hop and belly dancing. Lose your breath grooving to the high-octane beats of Indian music and with the life and energy of hip-hop and belly dancing thrown into the mix, you are guaranteed to not only have an incredibly dynamic party but also be the focus of attention in your circle when you get to flaunt your unique moves!

Burlesque-Shades of cabaret

Do your eyes widen at the sight of the gorgeous feather boas and shiny long gloves of the 50’s showgirls? We let you travel back half a century to partake in their colourful lives through our Burlesque dance parties. Learn to walk, move, emote and groove like them through our umpteen routines. We like adding that little zing to the routines and with this we throw in quite a number of fun props to make it an exceptionally entertaining routine. Have a hearty laugh at your own over indulgence and doll up just for the occasion to add to the excitement. Be sure to snap pictures and your walls will come alive with the colours of the 50’s.


Want to move a little further up in the 50’s chart? Priding yourself for picking up some Moulin Rouge moves? We support your sparkling endeavour with the can-can party. Get ready for some amazingly dazzling photo opportunities that will decorate your memories for eternity with the glittering can-can skirts, simple, yet alluring moves and routines and a complete chorus line finale. An age-independent wild fun for those in the mood for some stunning display of dance and drama that will also bring in the laughs and smiles throughout the two hours. Add a little ‘you’ to the proceedings with corsets and feather boas with footwear that support your moves and grooves. Do not ever forget to bring in those cameras because every single moment will be worthy of remembering forever. Are you ready to get on the floor for an amazing routine?


Cheerleading is as much a cheer-up routine for you as it is for other teams. An amazing way to unwind and bring in the much needed flexibility to your body, our well designed routines will ensure a great deal of fun and dynamism. Eye catching pinks and purples, the fluffy little pom-poms help you enliven your day. Begin with easy and straightforward routines, scurry around in flat shoes, leg warmers and pleated skirts and giggle your way through the spirited cheering routines. We assure you and your group such a fun time that it will be a challenge for you all to get back to your earlier routines by the end of the one we have designed for you!

The Chicago Dance Party

In mood for some sexy and feisty adventure? In line with the musical inspiration, the Chicago dance party will give you a tangy taste of the time of opulence, affluence, vanity and decadence. Imbibe the time of jazz with those fishnets and stilettos together with some beautifully choreographed moves and routines. Create an indelible memory, imprinted with the yesteryear charm and style and sprinkled with a little defiance and mischief. Isn’t that just the right mix for a fun evening?

Dirty Dancing- The dirty routine you’ll love

You do not have to be a dance enthusiast to know this movie! Unless you have safely crawled underground for the past few decades, you will never not be enticed by the Dirty Dancing music and dance routines. Learn what Baby learnt and pick up a range of salsa moves and some high spirited cha cha chas along the way. Want to feel the feel? Dress to mirror the theme with some high heels to give you company and you will get to know what Dirty Dancing really is about!

Glee Dancing

It made you laugh, it made you cry, it made you croon and dance in delight, we dedicate this party to one of the most well received and widely watched shows on television. Turn on your chic and trendy switch and arrive with those tiny heels and knee length skirts to up the glam quotient while keeping the convenience factor in mind. Creating an amalgamation of some of the most well-liked songs in the show and designing a routine that blends jazz, Broadway and contemporary dance, this party will be a feast for your senses whose after-taste will remain for years to come.

Grease Dancing -The Greasy mix

Show off your Rydell pride with some Olivia-Travolta moves. Don’t forget those lovely pink jackets and comfortable shoes and get ready for some rock ‘n’ roll moves. Learn the famous hand jives too and end with the popular ‘We go Together’. Our Grease themed party will make you turn those time travelling devices, just a little faster to douse yourself in some greasy fun. It is hard not to move when the music is made to groove.

Pole Dancing-Adventures on the pole

Ever wonder about the grace and flexibility of pole dancers? Well, you will get a chance to wonder more and sharpen your own little skills on the pole at our Pole dancing party. Have an amazingly entertaining time with your friends, laughing heartily at your sexy routines and the complete refusal of your body to balance on those poles. This is a perfect way to unwind and a great way to bring in a splash of adventure, of a different kind, into your life. An interesting start to your colourful evening, make it a pleasurable affair by dressing for the occasion! Shorts and stylish high heels should certainly do the trick!

Salsa Dancing

Take the stage to invigorate your body with the energetic tunes of the Cuban, Puerto Rican and Columbian Salsa. A gift to the lovers of this genre, the salsa themed party will do wonders for your footwork by strengthening your fundamentals. Our routines will then turn as colourful and lively as the music and when we are done with you, you will be as good as a pro. Make sure you come dressed to showcase the beauty and grace of the moves with some long flowing attire and convenient shoes.

Thriller Dancing

No conduits of dance and party can feel a sense of accomplishment without incorporating some thriller MJ moves into their routines. Brace yourself for some zombie action and move to the whims and fancies of the full moon with MJs chartbuster. With a variety of street dance and disco moves thrown in, all you need is the infamous red jacket to complete the feel. Is this going to be the place to give work to your cameras, or what?!

The Little Details

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • Approx Length of Activity:

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