Zorbing at Madtrax Near Lanarkshire
£ 29.99

Zorbing session at Madtrax where you roll down a steep hill in a giant inflated ball. This is quite unlike anything else- akin to be locked in a tumble drier -only funny
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Nothing can beat the fun and excitement of this popular daytime pursuit. Well Zorbing is something so close to that feeling. As you put yourself into the zorbing ball you can feel the adrenaline rushing. Hold your breath as the first rotation will be so exciting as you can literally go head over heels. The thrill of getting yourself thrown around is something to experience about. At the end of it the rolling ends in splash of pool and its ensured you will get wet so keep those spare clothes ready as you experience something different this time.
Zorbing in Scotland where your head literally will roll. Climb inside our huge inflatable bouncy ball; we strap you in safely and push you down our hill. You'll have an amazing adrenaline rush and a fun totally unique experience. Land and sky merge into one as you gain speed with every roll. 10 years + for zorbing (under 18s need parental consent) For zorbing

Q: Are there any restrictions?
A: Unfortunately there is. Each person has to be over 4ft 10inches and 14 stone or under. This is just something we have to live with and we are sorry if you do not meet the criteria but we have to stick to these important guidelines so that we can give everyone a fun and safe roll.

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