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Miltonduff Distillery

Located on the site of the meal mill of Pluscarden Abbey,near Elgin,Miltonduff distillery  dates back to 1824.

Address  :MILTONDUFF, IV30 3TG

Telephone  :01343 554121

Fax  :01343 548802

Owning Company  :Allied Distillers Ltd.

Production Status  :Operational

Established  :1824

Source  :Local water supply

Age when bottled  :12 yrs

Strength  :40%

No. of Wash Stills  :3

No. of Spirit Stills  :3

Cask Woods  :Ex-bourbon

Visitors per annum  :500

Export Bottlings  :12 yrs

Nose  :Agreeable, fragrant bouquet.

Taste  :Medium bodied with a pleasant, well matured, subtle finish

Comments  :After-dinner. Another malt called Mosstowie used to be produced from Lomond-type stills at Miltonduff and is available from the independent bottlers.

Description  :Standing in a pleasant location not far from the historic town of Elgin, the distillery was founded in 1824 and is quite near the restored Abbey of Pluscarden. It was owned by Hiram Walker from 1936, but is now operated by Allied Distillers Ltd. There are six Opot' stills, and water comes from a spring and borehole, while cooling water comes from the Black Burn. This burn is said to have been blessed by one of the abbots of Pluscarden, and thereafter the drink distilled from the burn was called Oaqua vitae' or the water of life (Ouisge beatha' in Gaelic). The 12-Year-Old Miltonduff Glenlivet Pure Single Malt is produced here, and is a fragrant, medium-bodied and lightly-peated malt. The distillery offers tours by appointment and there is a reception centre.

Directions  :Off B9010, 2 miles SW of Elgin, Miltonduff, Moray.

Rating  :***

Opening Hours  :Open Sep-Jun ? tours available by appt only.

Opening Days & Times

Open Sep-Jun  tours available by appt only.






IV30 8TQ

Contact Phone

01343 554 120

Travel Directions to Miltonduff Distillery

Off B9010, 2 miles SW of Elgin, Miltonduff

Tuesday, 16 April 2013