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Strathearn Distillery

Probably Scotland's smallest gin and whisky distillery near Perth

This small farm based distillery has been winning awards for their craft whiskies and gins. It is easy to access from Perth but you need to make an appointment to visit

Opening Days & Times

Visitors are always welcome to come and see what we are doing at Strathearn Distillery. Opening times are generally Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm, so phone or email and make an appointment. We don’t want to disappoint you by not being able to show you around. If you would like to arrange a weekend tour, please contact us as we sometimes like to go home. The cost is £25.00 per person and generally lasts approximately 90 minutes.

The Gin Lover's Day

Our 4 hour gin lover day will cover all things gin. Whether you’re a gin aficionado or new to the gin craze, we will offer you a fantastic insight into this magical spirit. We start the experience with a gin and tonic and a full tour of the distillery and bond, giving you an insight into distilling at Scotland’s smallest distillery.

Tasting starts with six tonics, each one offering different flavour and mixing profiles. We then move on to tasting six gins from craft distillers. You then experiment and attempt to combine these two magical ingredients into the perfect gin and tonic for your palette.

We then take you through the history of gin and of tonic before moving onto our own handcrafted gins. Once you’ve tasted all our gins and have an idea of what style you prefer, we give you a bottle of Strathearn base gin and allow you to infuse your own “signature gin” with whichever botanicals take your fancy. Finally we move onto cocktails, you will be taken through an interactive cocktail experience, showing you how to make some classic cocktails with a Strathearn twist.

Throughout the experience you will be fully supervised and tutored by one of the team and we will also offer a selection of “tapas style” nibbles to ward off any hunger pangs. After four hours we escort you to whatever taxi or mode of transport you wish to leave in, driving after a gin lover day is NOT an option. Cost £65 per person, generally lasting about 4 hours.

There is also a Whisky Lovers Whisky Making School for a whole week at around £850 per person


Bachilton Farm Steading, Methven





Contact Phone

01738 840100
Wednesday, 27 January 2016