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Balmacara Estate

Large NTS managed estate on south of Lochalsh peninsula. Excellent easy walking on trails through woodland, lochside and coastal. Ideal for younger kids as well.

The Balmacara Estate (2,550 hectares) is a diverse Highland crofting estate of high nature conservation and cultural value. The land has been used for millennia, with the agricultural and woodland management of the last two centuries giving rise to a pleasing blend of built, farmed and natural environments in the landscape. The mosaic of arable croft fields around small settlements, with outlying moorland common grazing reflects a historically important land use of the West Highlands which remains relevant to local communities today.

Estate: all year, daily.

Woodland Walks: all year, daily 9 until dusk.

Balmacara Square Visitor Centre: 1 Apr to 30 Sep, daily 9-5 (Fri 9-4).

Tel. 0844 493 2233

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