Kings & Queens of Scotland

List of Scottish Kings and queens with a short description of them



Kings & Queens of Scotland 

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 Alexander I

A strong monarch who fought for the independence of the Scottish Church.

Alexander II / Kings and Queens

He was the only son of William I (The Lion) and Ermengarde de Beaumont

Alexander III / Kings and Queens

A King who ruled over a golden age in Scotland.

Charles I / Kings and Queens

The last king to be born in Scotland.

Charles II / Kings and Queens

The last king to be crowned at Scone.

David I / Kings and Queens

A powerful and influential Scottish King, issuing the first Scottish royal coinage.

David II / Kings and Queens

Son of Robert The Bruce, he improved trade in Scotland.

Duncan I / Kings and Queens

Fairly incompetent monarch eventually killed in battle by MacBeth.

Duncan II / Kings and Queens

King for a few months, but still buried on Iona.

Edward Balliol / Kings and Queens

A puppet-king for the English before being pensioned off.

Fergus Mor / Kings and Queens

Credited with bringing the 'Scoti' people from Antrim to Scotland, along with the Gaelic language.

James I / Kings and Queens

As King he improved justice for the common people.

James III / Kings and Queens

A weak monarch, finally defeated by his son.

James IV / Kings and Queens

King at 15, he pioneered compulsory education.

James V / Kings and Queens

Father of Mary, later Queen. A morally lax and fiscally corrupt ruler.

James VI / Kings and Queens

The only son of Queen Mary and Lord Darnley.

James VII / Kings and Queens

Catholic monarch who named New York.

John Balliol / Kings and Queens

Established the short-lived Scottish royal House of Balliol.

Kenneth II / Kings and Queens

King of the united Picts and Scots.

King Angus, or Oengus / Kings and Queens

Pictish King credited with defeating the Scots of Dalriada.

MacBeth / Kings and Queens

The real MacBeth who killed Duncan fairly in battle.

Malcolm II / Kings and Queens

First King to rule over an area equivalent to modern Scotland.

Malcolm III Canmore / Kings and Queens

Killed the real MacBeth in battle and founded the House of Canmore.

Malcolm IV / Kings and Queens

Named The Maiden, as he died young and unmarried.

Mary, Queen of Scots / Kings and Queens

The Catholic queen of Scotland who ruled in turbulent times.

Robert I (Robert The Bruce) / Kings and Queens

Freed Scotland from English rule, defeating them at the Battle of Bannockburn.

Robert II / Kings and Queens

First of the Stewart sovereigns in Scotland, grandson of Robert The Bruce.

Robert Stewart / Kings and Queens

Ruled Scotland as Regent for over 30 years as a devious and politically cunning operator.

James II / Kings and Queens

Subdued the warring Douglas and Livingston families, but was killed by an exploding cannon.

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