Aviemore Stag & Hen Friendly Luxury Hotels

Aviemore Resort

Aviemore Resort offers friendly hospitality and first class facilities. Includes a stay in one of our four distinctive hotels and dine at a choice of onsite restaurants!

Aviemore, which is famous for its outdoor fun and adventure activities also has a range of accommodation options to suit the diverse needs and budget of the stag and hen groups. If you have an extra few quid in your pocket,then the Aviemore stag and hen friendly luxury hotels will be a good option. Call us at gobananas the party planners with ,many years of experience to bank on to fish out the best deals and packages. We also offer package deals that combine accommodation with night clubs and dining to  ensure maximum fun for your stag and hen nights .

Tell us your needs and we shall come up with the best option in Aviemore to ensure a well planned and hassle free stag and hen party experience.