Blairgowrie Food and Drink Activities

Blairgowrie Indian Meal

£ 24.99
Set in a delightful restaurant in the heart of town, enjoy the excellent food and view the beautiful surroundings!

If you have had enough of the Highland activities and outdoor fun in Blairgowrie, the 'Berry Capital of Scotland”, check out the food and drink activities in this city, which offer great food, fun and laughter. Enjoy an evening meal with your friends and explore the culinary world of  Scotland in the company of your friends, settle for a banter session or hop into any wine bar to pick up the nuances of cocktail making, which is one of the most popular activities in stag and hen party activity list.

In case you are looking something innovative, then a medieval banquet will be a good option. You can plan a medieval themed dinner in period settings where you will be dressed like knights or classic characters in old fashioned costumes, jesters and minstrels that would take you back in time.

Check out the many VIP club passes and package deals that allow you to combine food and drink activities with nightclubs or comedy clubs. If you have run out of ideas, give us a shout at Gobananas to know the latest in Blairgowrie party circuits.