Edinburgh Stag & Hen Restaurants

2 Course Meal at New York Steam Packet

£ 19.99
2 course meal - an Edinburgh take on the American diner. Straight forward Americana and as such ideal way to start a night on the tiles...

Indian Meal in Edinburgh

£ 21.99
The restaurant has won the Best in Britain award and the British Curry Awards three times running. It also holds Best Curry Award from the Irn Bru Curry Awards.

Edinburgh Posh - Nosh

£ 34.99
Sex in the City style Bar / Restaurant - Enjoy a 3 Course meal in one of Edinburgh's top sot after spots ...

Meal Deal at Edinburgh Hard Rock

£ 19.99
American style cafe - Great interiors and souvenirs from days gone past. We can book a range of group meal deals so you don't have to queue with American tourists!

3 Course Meal at New York Steam Packet

£ 24.99
Edinburgh take on the American diner with 3 course meal. Straight forward Americana and a great way to begin the night-out!

3 Course Meal in Edinburgh

£ 19.99
Enjoy a lavish three course meal with your friends and make it really big for all. Starters have always played ...

Chinese Meal in Edinburgh

£ 19.99
Party in true Chinese style with some of best deals you coudl ask for!

Tasty Package with 2 Course Meal in Edinburgh

£ 29.99
If you thought that stag dos and hen parties were about humiliation, torture and fun, then check out this package that is designed to offer you the best!

Getting the chance to be with your mates in the top restaurants of Edinburgh is something special compared to spenting your time outdoors under the sun and getting sun tanned. So why not spent your time in these hype restaurants where you will be offered your favorite delicacies, no matter what time of the day or night it is! Enjoy the familiar favorites with the truly unfamiliar brilliance in these interesting place. With lots of dishes you haven't tasted or never got a chance to taste during your lifetime, a stag and hen party is the best chance for you to enjoy being in these top restaurants.

Whether you are after Sushi, Indian, Thai, Italian or any other, you get it all in this stunning destination. These unique dishes will be served in a comfortable ad relaxing atmosphere. But remember, Edinburgh restaurants doesn't offer eateries alone, you can also have lots of fun by dancing, making merry or sipping drinks. So why wait when you get a grand chance to be with your mates and enjoy a scrumptious meal. 

There are more choices awaiting in our party list. If you are a freaky fun lover, do come to us at Gobananas and we will put a display of our stag and hen events list for you to choose and enjoy.