Falkirk Stag Weekend Ideas

Stag Weekends Falkirk- Hi boys! History will wait for you in Falkirk.  The weekend of yours will be a special one to remember when it is scheduled in the famous city of Falkirk with its multifaceted outlook providing the adequate fuel to gear up your partying mood. The town offers enormous scope for sight seeing with its huge wealth of historic landmarks beautifully preserved so as to make you travel back in a time machine to the glorious Roman period.

The Antonine Wall that is sandwiched between the Firth of Clyde and Forth, the Callander House, Kinneil Museum and the Grangemouth Museum are some of the prominent places where history is preserved well for the posterity. Owing to its location in the Central Scotland the town also gains proximity to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Callander Park and the Dollar Park provides brilliant scope for excellent sight seeing and day time activities. The Falkirk Wheel remains the main attraction of this town. The giant wheels that are capable of lifting 8 boats at a time will make you awe stuck and it also offers a real treat to your eyes.

The bustling town of Falkirk is also known for its day time activities that add more cheer to your festive mood. The diverse topography of the areas offer lot of scope for adventurous driving activities including the Honda pilots that demands lot of skill and mettle to drive through the tough terrain offered by this town. The night life is a dazzling one with lot of fun and frolic added to it. The exhilarating night clubs with its mind blowing music will make you mad for dancing like a boneless creature.

The party buses with all the luxuries embedded in it will provide a perfect blend of sight seeing and the night club visits. There are adequate number of culinary restaurants and pubs that offers a variety of delicious dishes and refreshing drinks to add up the enjoyment of the stags.