Scottish Medical Pioneers

Scottish Medical Pioneers

James Graham / Medical Pioneers

An early champion of vegetarianism.

James Lind / Medical Pioneers

The founder of hygiene at sea, including treatment for scurvy.

James Syme / Medical Pioneers

Responsible for setting up the General Medical Council.

John Hunter / Medical Pioneers

Founder of one of the world's largest anatomical collections.

John James Rickard MacLeod / Medical Pioneers

Remembered by grateful diabetics throughout the world as discoverer of insulin.

Lord Joseph Lister / Medical Pioneers

Founder of antiseptic medicine, believing that bacteria should never enter an operation wound.

Ronald David Laing / Medical Pioneers

Psychiatrist noted for his alternative approach to schizophrenia.

Sir Alexander Fleming / Medical Pioneers

Discoverer of penicillin, the world?s greatest antibiotic.

Sir James Young Simpson / Medical Pioneers

Physician to Queen Victoria, he helped introduce chloroform as a general anaesthetic.

Sir Robert Sibbald / Medical Pioneers

Geographer and Physician for Scotland, publishing an illustrated natural history.

William Hunter / Medical Pioneers

Surgeon who advanced the science of gynaecology through his anatomical studies.

Robert Liston / Medical Pioneers

Pioneering surgeon who demonstrated the use of ether as an anaesthetic

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