Scottish Religious Figure

Scottish Religious Figures

Alexander Henderson / Religious Figures

Moderate Presbyterian clergyman influential in the defeat of Charles I.

Andrew Melville / Religious Figures

Successor to John Knox as a religious reformer.

Archibald Johnston (Lord Warriston) / Religious Figures

Anti-royalist Presbyterian, principal author of the National Covenant.

Bishop Henry Wardlaw / Religious Figures

Bishop and founder of St Andrews University.

Bishop William Turnbull / Religious Figures

Founded Scotland's second oldest university, in Glasgow.

David Beaton / Religious Figures

Cardinal who promoted closer relations between Scotland and France and persecuted Protestants.

Ebenezer Erskine / Religious Figures

Evangelical minister who founded the Secession Church.

George Wishart / Religious Figures

Religious reformer and early martyr of the Reformation.

James Sharp / Religious Figures

A Presbyterian minister and Royalist sympathiser who aided oppression of the Covenanters.

John Knox / Religious Figures

The key figure of the Scottish reformation.

John Ogilvie / Religious Figures

A martyr of the counter-Reformation.

Richard Cameron / Religious Figures

Covenanter who founded the Cameronians, a religious sect.

Saint Machar / Religious Figures

A disciple of St Columba, said to have built a church in Aberdeen.

Saint Margaret of Scotland / Religious Figures

Married Malcolm III, organised the church, introduced the English language to the Scottish court.

Saint Ninian / Religious Figures

Bishop generally recognised as being the first Christian missionary to Scotland.

Thomas Chalmers / Religious Figures

First moderator of the Free Church of Scotland.

Timothy Pont / Religious Figures

The first to map Scotland in any detail, over a 13-year time-span.

William Elphinstone / Religious Figures

Founded Aberdeen University and introduced printing.

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