Scottish Scientists & Inventors

Scottish Scientists & Inventors

Alexander Graham Bell / Scientists and Inventors

Invented the telephone and promoted communication for the disadvantaged.

Charles Macintosh / Scientists and Inventors

Invented the waterproof coat which now bears his name.

Dr John Hope / Scientists and Inventors

Responsible for the introduction of rhubarb to Scotland.

James Beaumont Neilson / Scientists and Inventors

Perfected a method for more efficient smelting of iron.

James Gregory / Scientists and Inventors

A talented mathematician and pioneer of calculus

James Watt / Scientists and Inventors

Invented the efficient steam engine which fuelled the Industrial Revolution.

John Boyd Dunlop / Scientists and Inventors

Re-invented the pneumatic tyre and founded the Dunlop Rubber Company.

John Logie Baird / Scientists and Inventors

Pioneer developer of television and other optical equipment.

Sir David Brewster / Scientists and Inventors

Inventor of the kaleidoscope and other studies in optics especially polarisation.

Sir James Dewar / Scientists and Inventors

Produced the Dewar flask, an early Thermos bottle, and cordite, an explosive.

Sir Robert Alexander Watson-Watt / Scientists and Inventors

Developed radar and the cathode-ray direction finder.

John Anderson / Scientists and Inventors

The father of the Anderson Air-Raid Shelter.

Sir Charles Thomson Rees Wilson / Scientists and Inventors

Invented the Cloud Chamber, allowing further nuclear particle research.

Alexander Monro / Science

Set up the first teaching hospital in Edinburgh.

James Clerk Maxwell / Science

One of the most prominent and influential physicists of the 19th century.

James Hutton / Science

His theories led to the science of modern geology.

John Stenhouse / Science

Chemist whose research into air filters led to the development of the gas mask.

Joseph Black / Science

Chemist and physicist who established the concept of latent heat.

Robert Brown / Science

First to name the cell nucleus in plant cells.

Sir William Ramsay / Science

A brilliant experimenter who discovered the noble gases, including neon and xenon.

William Thomson, Lord Kelvin / Science

A great mathematical physicist and scientific entrepreneur.