Best Thai Restaurants in Edinburgh

Edinburgh has some of the best Thai restaurants. Most eat outs use naturally sourced fine ingredients and let the diners choose how spicy they want their food. Browse our list of some of the most popular Thai restaurants in the capital city of Scotland to have an overwhelming dining experience.


The best of the large number of Thai restaurants in Edinburgh. Impeccable service and good Thai food. 

Ruan Siam

A family run restaurant, started in 2002 serves traditional Thai dishes using ingredients ingredients that are directly brought from Talard Thai Markets, Bangkok. Door delivery available.


Sukhothai ensures an authentic Thai fare cooked from the freshest produce and herbs that are flown in weekly from Thailand.

Thaisan UK

Thaisanuk offers a wide range of south-east Asian herb cuisine and delicious take aways. From the classic favorites like Teriyaki Salmon, Garlic & Pepper Chicken to different types of noodles and more , there is something for every palate here. Door delivery options available.

Phuket Pavilion

One of the best Thai restaurants in Edinburgh, Phuket Pavilion offer a slew of Thai delicacies from all over island including the unique flavours of the island of Phuket.

Siam Erawan

The basement restaurant offers an intimate dining place. The interiors are stylish with lots of beautiful traditional paintings, furniture and screens. Offers a great choice of menu including the banquet set meal.

Thai Lemongrass

The rustic decor and a distinct Thai element in its design and furnishing will promise a relaxing atmosphere. the food list is rich and diverse that will bring out the best flavors of Thailand including fragrant lemongrass and tangy lime leaves will tempt you to come back for more.