Major Attractions in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the largest tourist destination in Scotland, and the second largest in the United Kingdom after London. It has many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and tourist attractions that are hugely popular. Some of the must see spots in the city include  Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh Zoo, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Royal Mile among many others.

Here is our listing of some of the attractions of the city.

Arthur's Seat & Duddingston

Edinburgh is blessed with many magnificent green, open spaces, and none better than Holyrood Park (Queen's Park). The park's main feature, and the city's main landmark, is Arthur's Seat, the igneous core of another extinct volcano, and the highest of Edinburgh's hills (822ft). 

Holyroodhouse Palace

Official residence of the British monarch in Scotland, Holyrood Palace stands at the bottom of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Holyrood Palace is the setting for state ceremonies and official entertaining.

The Queen's Gallery

The Queen's Gallery was built in the shell of the former Holyrood Free Church and Duchess of Gordon’s School at the entrance to the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

Botanic Garden

Established on this seventy-acre site on the northern side of the Water of Leith in 1820 after being moved from various other sites in the city and the result of Edinburgh explosion of interest in medicine during the seventeenth century, and filled with mature trees and a huge variety of native and exotic plants and flowers, the botanics are most popular simply as a place to stroll and lounge around on the grass.

Rosslyn Chapel

This medieval chapel which dates back to the 15th century was founded on a small hill above the Roslin Glen by William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness.