The Best Beaches In Edinburgh

Best Edinburgh Beaches


Opinion: One of the best secrets of Scotland is the Seacliff beach which you can find at a distance of 50km from Edinburgh. Take off at A198 out of North Berwick . Go past the ruins of the Tantallon castle. The beauty of it will encourage you to proceed for the rest of the journey. Do not stop for the best is yet to come . If you feel you need more of the castle, then a splendid view of the castle awaits you at the beach. Proceed for 3 km past the castle and at a bend in the road and a farm by name Auldhame you can find an unsigned road to your left. Halt at the coin-operated barrier, it costs 2 pounds for cars. Park your car and a brisk walk of 1km will take you to the place. If you prefer the path from A1, take the East Linton curve, head for North Berwick past Whitekirk.An ideal hangout for beach combing and picnics. Enjoy many surreal moments swimming out at this harbour. The private beach is well-known among dog-walkers, surfers and of course picnickers. Sit there, gaping at the rock pools in Edinburgh's very own beach!


Portobello Beach

Opinion: The beach boasts of numerous attractions that you will seldom find elsewhere. The Beachside arcades, mini-funfair especially the Ice cream shops, long prom and pool, pubs and evening bonfires turn out to be a truly welcoming mix. Though not always, the sea is warm enough for you to enjoy a paddle. You can also try your hand at sailing and kite-flying. Summers are the best time to visit this beautiful golden sandy beach. Enjoy splendid views totally off the beaten track in the seaside at Portobello. You can get some really good seaside food and also drink at the Dalriada pub. Lunch and LO 9 pm.


Yellowcraigs Beach - award winning beach

Opinion: The beach can be approached through Direlton on the A198. Families can have a good time out here and so do kids as the beach is spacious enough for them to hop around. The view of Fidra across the Firth of Forth to Fife is awesome. The coastal area comprising of the forest, grassland and beach is indeed a mirth for walkers. The beach is comparatively clean with enough space to accommodate each of its visitors. Best on summer evenings. An interesting stretch of the beach is the Gullane Bents found close to the village main street. To the west the beach has a hookup with the Aberlady Reserve.


Silver Sands Beach

Opinion: Catch a train from Edinburgh. A beautiful seascape with silver beaches that fall back against their rocky frame. Experience the freshness of the seaside with the cool breeze on your faces. Cross the Forth Bridge, the Fife coastal path is a delightful walk. You can spot the beach towards the end of the Fife village.

Cramond Beach 

4 miles from Edinburgh towards the forth bridge. Had a much needed clean-up in the past couple of years. The uninhabited island can be walked to at low tide in about 20 minutes.  Dont stay too long or you will be there all night. This is the only beach to the West of Edinburgh. Pretty views of the night lit Edinburgh and in the daytime of Cramond Harbour.

Gullane Bents 

Long sandy beach that is very well maintained and safe. Flanked by dunes so great for children's games. Good for beginner surfers because of the conditions when they are suitable. Sheltered location make a good if chilly site for swimming.

Seacliff Beach

Private owned beach to east of Dunbar up coast from Tantallon. Half mile beach with tiny harbour, two castles and old house to explore.