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Grangemouth is a town and former burgh in the council area of Falkirk, Scotland. It is formerly a part of Stirling County. It is located on the Firth of Forth, 3 miles east of Falkirk. Grangemouth is currently known for its large petrochemical plant one of the largest in Europe. Grangemouth got its name from Sealock that refers its proximity to where the canal traffic that passed through. This town was founded by Sir Lawrence Dundas in 1777 and was built in juxtaposition with the eastern end of the Forth and Clyde Canal. The town gain prominence due to the canal traffic at the port of Leith paved the way for much traffic to come to Grangemouth instead. The towns present name refers to its position at the mouth of the Grange Burn or stream that flows into the River Forth at this point.

About Grangemouth

At the time of World War II, Inchrya Road was used as a runway. The Canadian and Polish citizens were camped there. Before the outbreak of World War II the runway was an integral part of the Central Scotland Airport. The building named soap work building that was used to manufacture soap and glycerine and owned by the Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Society was established in 1897. That was considered as the largest work of its kind in Scotland and provided employment opportunity to considerable number of local people. The soap works, which was considered as a local landmark at the end of Wood Street opposite the Old Bus Garage, was demolished in November 2005 to make way for the Whyte and Mackay blending and bottling plant. Owing to its increasing popularity as a commuter town for Edinburgh new shopping facilities are being built here.

The port in Grangemouth is one of the main port in the UK with the largest container terminal and the busiest deep water port in Scotland. The town’s motorway connections convert it as an inter-modal freight facility to other towns. This town also boasts international standard sports stadium and sports centre. The stadium is used as the National indoor sports stadium.  Near the Grangemouth Sports complex there is a park and the Grangemouth Golf Club is located in the neighbouring village of Polmont. Grangemouth was the only area in Scotland to implement a three tier school system. The system ended inn 1988.

As the town is located equidistant from two largest cities in Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh, which has led to a raise in the number hotels, guest houses, bed and breakfast accommodation to cater to the raising needs of the visitors arriving in the town. Having ample accommodation facilities to satisfy the needs of the intriguing guests and is with affordable rates serves both business and leisure tourists to an equal extend.

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