Arrochar is a historic village in Argyll and Bute, on the north tip of Loch Long. The 'Arrochar Alps' are a great area for hillwalkers. Often referred to as the Gateway to the Cowal and the south-west of Scotland, Arrochar has seen many battles between the clans and the Vikings in the past.

  • Local Sights & Activities for Arrochar

    The adventure sports enthusiasts cannot afford to miss out the hiking trails of Arrochar Alps and the mountain climbing options at the 881 m tall Highland Mountain Ben Arthur also known as the ‘Cobbler’. It is also famous for the yacht races and a Powerboat Grand Prix that brings together many yachters from all over the country. A popular tourist resort among walkers, hikers and climbers, Arrochar has various places to eat and stay at reasonable prices. Arrochar is bestowed with bountiful natural beauty and is surrounded by lochs, mountains and valleys and is equally well known for its wildlife and fishing options.

  • Arrochar Hotels & Accommodation

    Hotels in the area include:  

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