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Ellenabeich on Seil

The visitor guide on Ellenabeich on the Isle of Seil in Argyll has information on and around the place including accommodation and hotels in Ellenabeich, attractions and self catering cottages in Ellenabeich.

Ellenabeich the largest village on the Seil Island in Scotland and is well connected to the mainland by The Bridge over the Atlantic, which also is links the south of Oban. Ellenabeich origin came from the Gaelic, the Island of the Birches. Another attraction Easdale Island is located close to Ellenabeich. The village has many white harled cottages which looks attractive. These lined cottages pictures impressive like circular line of rocks around the sea line.

Often Ellenabeich was called Easdale leading to the Easdale Island located nearby to it. Even the slate from these areas were known as Easdale Slate. In the early 1700 the quarry operations started here the slate quarry helped a lot in the development of this charming village. It is an ideal destination for those who want a tranquil and calm staying experience far from the reach of city bustle. Enjoy time relishing the sceneries and beautiful sea lines which will brighten up your trip.

Attractions around Ellenabeich

  • Easdale Island Folk Museum
  • Highland Art Exhibition
  • Slate Island Trust Heritage Centre
  • SWT Ballachuan Hazelwood

Interesting Fact about Ellenabeich

This pleasant village also has been the location for various films and TV sops, including ‘Parahnady’ and ‘Ring of bright water’.

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