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Kilmartin village sits in the centre of Kilmartin Glen which is home to an astonishing 350 different monuments all within a few miles. The village includes the trust museum and the church

Kilmartin a small village located in Argyll and Bute in the western Scotland region lies on the main road to Oban and eight miles north of Lochgilphead. This historic and ancient village is situated on the heart of Kilmartin Glen. The Glen is a hub of many important Neolithic, Bronze Age, Iron Age sites. It also holds a monument, Temple wood, standing stones and several rocks with markings on it.

This small village has many things to unveil within the beauty and charm of its mountains and picturesque location. The charming Kilmartin Castle standing tall since 1580 has its own story being the property of Campbells. This small tower house has spend many years as a ruin later got restored as a private residence. The Carnasserie Castle a three storied building with round towers and a stair tower in the west front side was also restored after lying ruined for many years. The place holds a fabulous museum which has great collection of monuments and artefact's. The museum has been awarded for its antigue and unique selection of excavated artefact's of historic period. It is the right place to have a look into the ancient culture of this region.

The Churchyard here boasts important collection of carved stones of the early Christian and medieval period. These are displayed in the parish church and in the graveyard, the Kilmartin Crosses which dated back to the ninth and tenth century are treasured within the church. There are collections of late medieval gravestones in the West Highlands style.All this makes it a great spot for having a visit to this beautiful place amidst all historical and cultural riches.



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Nearby Ancient Monuments

  • Kilmartin Cross

    Often ignored by visitors focusing on the stones in the churchyard, these crosses inside the church should not be missed either. The older dates before 10th century.

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There is a yoga school up the valley east towards Loch Awe that runs residential yoga retreats at Inverliever Lodge which was one of the first purpose built comprehensive schools in the 60s or 70s [information required]. You can find out more about them on their website at ecoyoga .

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